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1.Users use this site at their own discretion. Websites linked to this site via the advertisements listed throughout this site are run at the discretion of advertisers. RendezVous~~ (hereafter “the Company") does not control and cannot guarantee the legality of any of the linked websites, or the validity or accuracy of the information therein, or the quality, integrity, or standards of their content or subject matter, nor can the Company guarantee that the privacy policies of those websites are of an equal level as the Company’s terms and conditions.

2.The Company cannot guarantee absolute security in regards to preventing data breaches, data loss, or data falsification by a third party. Therefore, the Company takes no responsibility for damages to any third parties caused by a data breach, data loss, or data falsification by a third party.

3.The Company is not involved with and cannot be held responsible for the information, contents, or services included in any of the websites linked to from this site. It is the user’s responsibility to view outside websites at their own discretion, following the terms and conditions of said websites.

Privacy Policy

1.The term “personal information" refers to names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other personally identifying information or information specific to a user provided via use of this website.

2.In order to ascertain what services are favored by users of this site, the Company tracks usage of this site and record it in access logs. Usage information collected in access logs includes, but is not limited to, domain name, IP address, type of web browser, and date and time of access. Personally identifying information is not included in the access log. Access logs will be used solely for statistical purposes, and will never be connected with any personal information collected from users of this site.

3.In the event that a user makes an inquiry about their personal information, requests a correction of their personal information, or makes a request to have their personal information deleted or removed, the Company will act on such requests within a reasonable timeframe once it is able to confirm that the request is being made by the individual concerned.

Questions and comments regarding this Privacy Policy can be directed here

Linking Policy

1.In principle, users are free to link to this site, as long as they meet certain conditions, such as: links may not be for commercial purposes, and links may not include frames.

2.If you link to this site, we ask that you notify the Company via inquiry form of the following: the content of your website, the URL of your website, the purpose for linking, your name, contact information, and acknowledgement of the below terms.

3.If the Company deems your website inappropriate or not in line with the Company’s mission or intentions, the Company reserves the right to refuse a link to this site.

4.Due to content editing and updates, the pages of this site may change or be removed without notice. If you wish to link to a page other than this site’s top page, be advised that links to this site may become broken and content may change.

The Company refuses linking to this site to the following:

1.Websites that contain defamatory content about this site or that otherwise contain content that seeks to tarnish or discredit the reputation of this site.

2.Websites that may display the pages, images, and other contents of this site as their own content, or that otherwise make the content’s origin ambiguous, such as through the use of frames.

3.Websites that seek or may potentially seek to infringe upon this site’s intellectual property, privacy, portrait rights, etc.

4.Websites that contain content that goes against laws or ordinances, or public order and morals.

Prohibited Actions

1.Users shall not use any network services while pretending to be a third party, whether through IP spoofing or other means (this includes header forgery—inserting false or misleading information in e-mail headers intended to mislead the recipient).

2.Users shall not send or share malware (malicious software) of any form, nor shall they lure any users to such malware, or leave such malware in a location where a user may unintentionally download or otherwise receive it.

3.Users shall not take any action that directly or potentially interferes with the Company or a third party’s operations, or use of telecommunications equipment.

4.Users shall not knowingly post any link that may aid or encourage in any way or form any of the aforementioned prohibited actions.

5.Any actions not listed above that the Company deems go against public order and morals, or that significantly infringe upon the rights of any third party.

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