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Send us your press releases / new product announcements / new service announcements

DIG TOKYO is interested in receiving press releases, new product announcements, and requests pertaining to new products and services.

If you think your product or service is a good match for DIG TOKYO’s mission and editorial vision, contact us via the form below, and include detailed information about you/your company, and your product or service.

DIG TOKYO’s content is divided into eight categories, which span a wide range of subjects, areas, and interests. We envision a wide range of content within each of these categories, so please send us an inquiry if you are unsure if your product or service falls under our editorial scope.

We are also open to proposals regarding the creation or co-creation of branded promotional content.

DIG TOKYO reserves the right to decide whether or not a certain product or service is right for our website. All inquiries and submissions will undergo a review process, and a member of our team will be in contact after we have conducted our assessment.
DIG TOKYO does not ask for a listing fee to promote products and services that we choose to feature on our website.


New retail location openings
New products, new services
Fashion shows, information about new collections, event reports
Cosmetics and other beauty-related information
Information regarding multi-purpose commercial facilities, shopping centers, malls, outlets

Examples for CINEMA & THEATRE

New film releases
Interviews with cast members, production staff
Upcoming theatre productions, musicals
Traditional arts

Examples for BOOKS & MAGAZINES

Newly published books
Newly published magazines
Meet-and-greet events and signings
Events held at bookstores
Information regarding literary awards

Examples for MUSIC & PARTIES

New releases on physical media (CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, vinyl)
Information about nightclubs and events
Information about music festivals / concerts
Audio equipment and musical instruments

Examples for GEAR & BUSINESS

New products / new services
Business seminars
Information about startups
Information about finance
Business-to-business services


Restaurants / food products / beverages
Hair salons, nail salons, spas
Furniture, interior design, decor, home appliances
Residences, housing, vacation homes
Cars, motorcycles, bicycles
Weddings, bridal products and services
Insurance, financial instruments

Examples for SPORTS & CULTURE

Sports equipment
Sports events, games, matches (especially tennis, golf, skiing/snowboarding, surfing, training, running, rugby, skating)
Museums, galleries, exhibitions
Art supplies, design-related products


English-language learning
Eikaiwa (English conversation schools)
Education, educational materials, educational programs
Self-improvement, self-development seminars


Send us your press release via this submission form.

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