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Staying True to the Fundamentals of Style, According to Scarlet | FASHION & SHOPPING #001
2021/06/15 #001

Staying True to the Fundamentals of Style, According to Scarlet

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Web producer / Stylist / Coordinator


1.A Short Introduction

This is Scarlet, and I’m the stylist in charge of KAZOO’s wardrobe for TV appearances and interviews.

As a student I started working part time at a magazine publishing company. After graduating, I started producing content for the web. I’ve often been tasked with work related to men’s fashion, and those experiences have led me to take up a stylist role to assist KAZOO.

This short introductory article is just to give our readers a sense of where I’m coming from when it comes to the looks I’ve put together in the articles to come for KAZOO. In the future I will also be writing articles for DIG TOKYO about the state of men’s fashion. On occasion I will also touch on women’s fashion.

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2.What Your Clothes Say About You

Clothes express a person’s social status, income, values, ideology, and even their personality. So naturally, putting serious consideration into what to wear is a very important thing.

Recycled clothes or fast fashion scream either “I don’t care about fashion" or “I just went with whatever was cheap". These attitudes will seep into your personality and outlook on life in general. Neither approach is the mark of someone who is great at their job. Others will see you as someone who perhaps does adequate work for the time being, but is unreliable in the long term or when things get difficult.

On the other hand, it’s reasonable to assume that someone wearing a snappy suit that’s been tailored with great attention to detail will bring that same snappiness and level of attention to detail to their work.

Many among the younger crowd are doing a great job of following the trends, but they do not seem to possess any sense of style of their own. They don’t realize that being overly concerned with trends is the result of lacking any sort of personal policy when it comes to fashion.

Scarlet's Picks

3.True Style

Pouncing on the latest trends simply because they are “in" or because your friends are wearing it is, to say the least, a foolish approach to fashion.

And then you have art and fashion college students, or sales reps at apparel stores—many of whom for which wearing something eye-catching is what it means to be stylish. I would urge them to recognize a basic tenet of fashion: sticking out like a sore thumb is not a good thing.

The starting point in fashion and design is to remain true to tradition—and it is only from the top of that hill that displays of personality begin to mean anything.

So many young people who say they are “into fashion" are, in actuality, simply buying into a one-size-fits-all notion of individuality: that eccentricity and outlandishness are essential to being fashionable.

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Staying True to the Fundamentals of Style [FASHION & SHOPPING 001]

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